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    Slovakia sorts and collects about 18,000 tons of PET annually.

    Innovative technology allows Tenarry to sort 3 tons of plastics per hour.


We have been working in the field of waste recycling for more than 16 years, but since January 2017, we have specialized in purchasing and sorting PET bottles by supplying major European producers.
Thorough hand sorting ends at our press where PET bottles are pressed into packages sorted by color. Since June 2018, we have been able to classify the bottles with an innovative optical sorting line, which is one of the most advanced sorting lines in Central Europe and allows us to classify up to 3 tonnes of materials per hour and clean them from undesirable contamination. Precise output control guarantees customers a flawless, color-coded material.
This sorting line was created without support from euro-funds or government subsidies.

Automatic sorting system

Our modern sorting line allows for a positive grading of PET bottles based on colors, giving us a package of transparent, green, blue, red, yellow and brown colors.

By hand sorting we were able to process about 700 kilograms of waste per hour for 10 people. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology from the German company Tomra, we can increase the sorting capacity to 3 tonnes of waste per hour. After a mechanical subtraction, we guarantee at least 95% of the purity of the material, but we try to increase this number even at the output by human control.

We help schools and pupils with different types of illnesses.

Caps of PET bottles do not need to be thrown away !!!
For every collected ton of soft drink caps, we give cash to a chosen patient. Patients can use their funds to buy medicines, medical aids, and improve their difficult fight with a serious illnesses. Individuals, groups and collectives can be involved in the collection, and thus directly and financially help those struggling with serious illness. Just contact us at info@tenarry.sk and you will be provided with all the necessary information about joining the project.
Similarly, we also support registered schools where they buy educational and sport aids in exchange for collected caps.
Please ATTENTION !!! The caps of different types of products are of different types of materials. We only collect lids from soft drinks !!! It does not include lids made of fabric softeners, liquid powders, kinder surprise egs, coffee or other types of packaging, and no batteries at all. In the case of mixing these types, problems arise in subsequent recycling.

Statistics of our helping program:

Supported children
Number of collected lids in tonnes (2017)
Supported schools
Amount in Euros that we have provided as help overall

Tenarry team

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